Saturday, July 4, 2020

Wendy Continues a Winning Series in Book 7 of The Langley Sisters

    I'm not sure I've ever really thanked Wendy Vella for opening up such a vast array of wonder and excitement for me. Her Sinclair and Raven collection originally helped me discover my love for historical fiction with a little twist. Since I pick up the first book, I've been unable to stop reading her stuff. 

    I've worked my way through the Sinclair and Raven Series, The Lords of Night Street, Regency Rakes, and the Langley Sisters. I've enjoyed watching the lives of the characters she created evolve and grow as they appear in various other series. 

    I've been anxiously awaiting the next book in the Langley Series The Lady's Forbidden Love. I was not disappointed. Wendy continues to pull us into the world of regency romance. The seventh book focuses on Daniel Dillinger and Lady Abigail Deville, who meet under unconventional circumstances when Abby attempts to take some control over her life. Her brother, Michael, Zach, Nathaniel and Gabriel are overprotective and have their own ideas about what is expected of a Lady of her standing. 
    In this book, we see the societal pressures of the nobles and the blue stockings on full display. This was also a common theme with Ace and Thea's story. The way Daniel sees himself reflected within society prevents him from acting on his feelings for Abby and struggles to move forward and forget their interactions, especially after he finds out the truth about her social standing.

    Abby has spent much of her life hidden behind the protective blanket her brothers have wrapped firmly around her. Their treatment of her has caused her unhappiness to the point where she feels as though she is being suffocated. 

    Without providing any spoilers, I will acknowledge that this book had so many events that transpired over the plot that I was truly riveted. I can definitely see Ms Vella exploring the Deville brothers as a new series and we also saw a brief cameo of Somerset Sinclair, leaving it open for another book in the series. 

    This book gets 💎💎💎💎💎! Ms Vella has found a long-standing fan in me as she continues to capture the hearts and attention of all those who dive into the world she has created. Thanks for the amazing read! I hope she continues to expand on the series! :) 


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